HR Management

The HR Enhancement System™ is a web-based Human Resources management tool designed to facilitate corporate cultural change and promote career advancement of all employees.



The Human Resources Enhancement System™ makes information regarding a staff member, a department, or the entire company easily accessible. The staff profile page displays on-going data which can be recorded, charted, compared with company statistics, and compiled in quarterly and annual staff reviews.

Employee profile screen

From each staff profile page the Supervisor has access to the following functions and information:

  1. staff profile with quick view stats
  2. edit staff profile info
  3. send and view Kudos sent and received by staff member
  4. enter custom statistical data (e.g. KPIs)
  5. compare staff satisfaction with what the supervisor thinks
  6. schedule for training, Job Satisfaction Reports™, etc.
  7. view vacation dates
  8. schedule custom Job Satisfaction Reports™
  9. schedule training
  10. view job satisfaction and data chart
  11. add annotations to chart
  12. view dated annotations, training, and kudos
  13. view and open Job Satisfaction Factor scores
  14. view training history
  15. read quarterly and staff annual reviews
  16. store and access staff documents

Individual and Company-Wide Job Satisfaction Monitoring

At the heart of the Human Resources Enhancement System™ is the Job Satisfaction Report™ (JSR), which each employee completes in about 20 minutes on a fully customizable schedule (ie. once a month). The insights gained from the JSRs are invaluable for decision-making in areas such as facilitating positive cultural change, providing training, improving work performance, and addressing issues that could negatively affect staff retention. The HRE's powerful analysis tool enables you to find and chart departmental and company-wide job satisfaction trends, isolate specific job satisfaction factors, and compare job satisfaction with user-defined KPIs such as sales or production volume.




Employee Hiring and Retention

The Human Resources Enhancement System™ streamlines the hiring process from publishing job opening details to accepting and evaluating online applications. Its built-in job requirements self-assessment and job skills assessment functionality saves time by pre-screening applicants based on criteria that you define and categorizing incoming applications based on their success or failure in meeting those criteria.

Hiring driven by company growth is great, but high turnover rates aren't; a key goal of the HRE is to increase employee retention. Combine the Pre-Hire Assessment module with the Job Satisfaction Reports, the Intentional Advancement (training) Program, automated quarterly and annual reviews and the customizable charting, managers now have the insight needed to preemptively address organizational issues before they escalate to the point where they cause employees to leave. Now you can focus on growth and that enviable corporate culture.


Intuitive Training Management

Ensuring that everyone receives right training at the right time is key to maintaining an effective, safe, and satisfied workforce. The Human Resources Enhancement System™ implements a three-way approach to addressing this need: automatic scheduling via the Intentional Advancement Program™ (IAP), Intuitive training suggestions based on Job Satisfaction Reports™ (JSR) results, and employee requested training via the Employee Development Resource Centre (EDRC).

The HRE allows you to enter the details of your internal training opportunities, and you can optionally take advantage of courses and workshops offered by HRE Training Associates. The Intuitive Training Module helps identify training needs and schedule courses before you even know the need is there. You now have more time for those staff reviews.




Up-To-Date Performance Reviews

With measurable, trackable, and multi-sourced information, your staff reviews will be more effective than you have ever experienced before. You might even enjoy them! The Human Resources Enhancement System™ automatically generates scheduled reports for each staff member, aggregating relevant data from throughout the system to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date summary of their performance, job satisfaction, and other key factors. And since managers don't need any more things to keep track of, the HRE does it for them, with an automatic notification when a new report is ready for review and tracking of which reports have and have not been reviewed. Managers can now customize charts, input data, monitor an a graph KPI's, upload documents, view completed completed, "hear" what other staff are saying through the Kudo system request custom surveys and then with a click have it all compiled in an organized yearly staff review. Wow!


Corporate Culture Enhancement

The Human Resource Enhancement System™ may have all the appearance of an HR Management system but what it really is, is a facilitator of cultural change. The HRE was designed with the end goal in mind: a thriving company culture It provides you with the knowledge you need to create the company culture you desire. More than managing data, the Human Resource Enhancement system helps you visually see your company's culture and then empowers you to turn culture shaping decisions into culture forming actions.



The HR Enhancement System™ is currently in beta.
If your organization is interested in implementing HRE, we'd love to hear from you!